About brandy


Brandy began as a way to preserve wine. Once distilled, the "spirit" of the wine would last forever, and could then be taken on long voyages. 

In modern times, typical brandy is made from low-quality wines that are only intended to be distilled. The wine is distilled twice, then blended with caramel and other additives to give it color and taste.

But our brandy is made a little differently. 

First of all, every bottle of DW brandy started with great wine. These incredible wines are already barrel-aged and bottle-ready, so we simply distill them once. This preserves the complexities of the wine and the subtleties of the winemaker's art.

Once distilled, we simply barrel-age the brandy until it's ready to bottle. The result is a smooth, complex brandy that highlights all the notes of the original wine.

Come visit our tasting room, get a tour, a drink some brandy with us!

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Blended with many different wines, our blend is a perfectly balanced brandy, fit for any occasion. It's as good with an ice cube as it is in a great cocktail.


Our vintner's select is crafted from one Walla Walla winemaker’s vintage only. One vintner, one vintage, one brandy. This changes constantly giving the palette infinite variety, vintage by vintage.

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